Does Moissanite Pass A Diamond Tester?

Does Moissanite Pass A Diamond Tester?

Many people are looking to moissanite as opposed to diamond because of its beauty and affordability. Whether you’re buying moissanite or diamond, however, it's important to make sure you know exactly what you're getting. If you're looking for a diamond or moissanite fashion rings, bracelets, or stud earrings, check out these tips to make sure you’re purchasing exactly what you intend to!

What Exactly is Moissanite?

Similar to diamond, moissanite is also a gemstone that is often pure in its clarity and also has a shimmering brilliance. Because of this, moissanite is often misidentified as diamond. Moissanite and diamond have the same thermal conductivity, so unfortunately heat testing won’t help you identify one way or the other. It is also incredibly hard and durable, similar to a diamond. Natural moissanite originally emerged from meteoric impact sites and is made from Silicon Carbide. Research shows that the silicon carbide in moissanite originates from caron-rich asymptotic giant stars, a discovery originally made by French Scientist Henri Moissan.

Diamond Testing

One of the classic ways used to differentiate diamonds from the cheaper cubic zirconium materials is to use a diamond tester. This is a small portable device that tests the electrical conductivity of the gemstone. In order to do this, the tester checks the speed and amount of the electrical current passing through the gemstone. While diamonds and moissanite are different when it comes to electrical conductivity, it is, unfortunately, a very slight difference that can only be detected through the usage of specialized equipment. If you’re looking to truly differentiate, then you will need a multi-tester (Moissanite-Diamond tester). These tests are expensive, but they will be able to detect the slight difference in thermal and electrical connectivity between moissanite and diamonds.

Other Testing Methods

Another testing method to use when looking to determine whether you’ve got a diamond or moissanite fashion ring on your hand is through using a jeweler’s loupe. This will help determine whether there are signs of double refraction, unlike the sharp and clear-lined refraction that is characteristic of diamonds. The refractive index of a diamond is 2.42 while moissanite comes in at closer to 2.63. If you’re still having challenges telling the difference, then it’s always a good idea to take your piece to a professional jeweler and let an expert take a detailed look. 

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