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"Husband bought me this, very shiny, large and great quality. Shipping was fast and customer service was very helpful. Thoroughly enjoy this ring, you'd think it was worth 5k easily."
- Nadine

"This ring is better than the photo. It's classic and elegant and frankly looks like a real diamond. The color is probably H-I to my non-expert eye but is beautiful and more of an enhancement to the stone IMO then a detractor. (I personally think G-H-I Moissanite looks more like real diamonds because most people can't afford larger D-E-F stones.) The size of roughly 3 carats (9 mm) is perfect: not garishly big but also not at all small. The white gold metal is really nice and substantial looking (meaning, doesn't look cheap), yet without having a thick, heavy look. I highly recommend this ring and the price is unbeatable. It's awesome for everyday wear.  Great for pairing with stackable rings."
- MoissyLover

"Wow these earrings are stunning. They're very well made and you cannot beat this price. I have been looking for a pair of pave huggie hoops and thought this was too good to be true. Nope, turns out it's just a great deal and some really beautiful earrings! They shipped them really fast, it came in a nice box, and they are even better in person. Can't wait to wear these all the time. Really wish they had listed the actual dimensions of the hoops on the listing. I'd say they're about 13mm. I would have liked to have that info before buying but after seeing their return policy decided to take a chance. Glad I did. Oh and really wish I could post a picture in this review to show how great they look on! Love them"
- Olivia

"I love these earrings. They are delicate; just a flash of sparkle when you move your head. I have two holes in my ears and wear these earrings in the lower hole and  then any other earring in the upper hole. I'm so glad I purchased these. I wear them every day. Beautifully made, they will give you that sparkle without being big and glaring."
- Jan

"I bought this ring and I love it. Great price too!"
- Karen

"This ring is so pretty!  I was so concerned it was going to be really large but it's not. It is so sparkly. Man the price!  I was not expecting much. It's 14k white gold so I thought maybe a duller moissenite. But nope.... it's really nice!"
"I've had this ring for 6 months and Love it MORE than when I bought it.  This ring explodes with sparkle in sunlight and down lighting. Truly my favorite ring of my 62 years."
- Laura