Look Great for Less with Emerald-Cut Moissanite Rings

Look Great for Less with Emerald-Cut Moissanite Rings

Every day, more people are discovering the wonders of moissanite jewelry - and that's a very good thing.  We're proud to sell moissanite because it's a gorgeous man-made stone that is environmentally friendly and 100% conflict-free - unlike diamonds.  We feel good about the jewelry we sell, and you can feel just as good about wearing it!

When you buy moissanite rings, you've got all the choices in cuts that you would with any other gemstone, so might we suggest the venerable emerald cut?  While it fell out of style for a while, emerald cuts are coming back in a big way because of their timeless look and subtle showiness.

Why People Love Emerald-Cut Moissanite Rings

An emerald cut (occasionally also called a 'table cut') is an older design, first invented in the 1400s. It's almost deceptively simple, presenting a large flat rectangular surface on top, with rounded edges.  Clean lines and facets are the emphases here! Rather than overwhelming the eye with sparkles, it draws eye inwards towards the heart of the gem.

Why are people embracing this look again? We've heard a few reasons from our customers.

1 - The stone looks bigger

Maybe the biggest reason to choose an emerald cut is that it can make a small gem look big, and a big gem look huge.  And when you're buying moissanite, you can afford a big gem!  The long flat design emphasizes the size of the stone, while the recessed setting maximizes how much can be seen.

2 - Clarity becomes clear

Emerald cuts are risky for low-grade gems because the design makes it easier to spot flaws, and color imperfections within the stone are more visible. However, that's not a problem with moissanite.  It's exceptionally clear and free of color, so it works beautifully as an emerald cut.

3 - An elegant engagement ring

Many of our customers are choosing emerald cut moissanite engagement rings, because of their understated elegance. It's a large stone that draws attention to itself, but without seeming too flashy or pretentious.  It's a best-of-both-worlds combination of beauty and dignity.

4 - Emerald cuts are affordable

Finally, it's worth mentioning that emerald cuts are among the most affordable cuts, especially compared to a flashier round or brilliant cuts.  Since moissanite is already more affordable than other clear gems, this makes emerald-cut moissanite rings a genuinely excellent value.

Moissanite Outlet

Moissanite Outlet is the Internet's premier retailer for all things moissanite. Our rings are carefully curated for maximum impact, without breaking your budget. When it's time to pop the question, consider buying a moissanite ring for your loved one!

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