Moissanite Right-Hand Ring: A Choice for Everyone

Moissanite Right-Hand Ring: A Choice for Everyone

While most people might automatically associate beautiful and sparkly rings with engagement rings or wedding bands, there are so many reasons why a moissanite right-hand ring is a great option to celebrate an exciting occasion. Whether it’s to honor a promotion, graduation, or simply an exciting moment in your life, purchasing a beautiful right-hand ring has long been a way to celebrate the accomplishments and life of the person wearing it.

Learn more about the history and significance of right-hand rings below!

History of Right-Hand Rings

Dating back to the 1920s during the era of prohibition, the right-hand ring originally began as a symbol of female empowerment and independence. Also known as “cocktail rings,” the practice of wearing right-hand rings was commonplace among women who drank during the throes of prohibition and who were also even a part of the workforce. During this time where women were beginning to smoke and drink alongside men, the right-hand ring became symbolic of female power and earning potential in an overwhelmingly patriarchal society. 

Spread in Popularity

The right-hand ring was widely popularized by famous women and actresses in the mid-century times such as Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood. During the '40s, '50s, and '60s, right-hand rings became commonplace for many unmarried women, and these beautiful pieces are often currently passed down as family heirlooms to commemorate important events in the modern day. The current resurgence of the vintage ring market is flooded with pieces from this era which can be attributed to their widespread popularity amongst the modern women of the time.

Symbolic Meaning

While historically the right-hand ring was symbolic of female independence and power, in modern times, the symbolism of a right-hand ring varies depending on the purchaser. Right-hand rings purchased by a husband can be symbolic of wedding vow renewals or big anniversaries. From a long-term partner, the rings could signify a long-term commitment or promise. They can also be gifted as a token to celebrate new life to a mother who has just had a child.

Find the Perfect Moissanite Fashion Ring

Regardless of the purpose, a moissanite right-hand ring will make a beautiful addition to any collection. If you’re interested in learning more about why moissanite rings are so incredible, come check out all of the beautiful pieces we have to offer at Moissanite Outlet.

We have a variety of stunning rings at amazing prices which will make the perfect gift for the loved one in your life. Shop our selection and jewelry today!


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