One of Our All-Time Favorites: Moissanite Wedding Bands

One of Our All-Time Favorites: Moissanite Wedding Bands

The diamond industry doesn't want you to know this, but natural diamonds are falling out of favor in engagement rings and wedding bands.  These diamonds are artificially expensive, and, in far too many cases, they come out of countries in conflict.  Whether a couple is socially aware, or simply budget-conscious, diamond rings just don't look as good as they used to.

Instead, more and more couples are turning to Moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands as an alternative. Moissanite is a synthetic gem, made from silicon carbide.  It's nearly as hard as diamond and has better light refraction and fire dispersion than diamond - meaning it's even more beautiful when put under a light.  Plus, being man-made, you know that your Moissanite ring has been created ethically.

Best of all, Moissanite is substantially less expensive than diamond - which is perfect for couples on a budget.

Of course, receiving a Moissanite engagement ring and wedding band is only the first step.  These rings will last a lifetime, and the way you wear them may change throughout.  Let's look at some of your options.

Five Ways to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

1. Wedding band on top

The most traditional way to wear the rings is to have the engagement ring first, at the bottom of your left-hand ring finger.  Then the wedding band goes on top of it.  Since engagement rings typically have the larger gem, this puts it at the bottom and also helps protect it from slipping off.

However, this may not work for your style, your fingers, or simply not create the right look.  There are plenty of alternatives besides the traditional option.

2. Engagement ring on top

Perhaps you think the rings look better in reverse order, with the wedding band on the bottom and the engagement ring above it.  This is fine too, particularly if you think they look nicer that way.  Also, some people find this to be a more sentimental arrangement because it places the wedding band just a bit closer to your heart.

3. On different fingers

The engagement ring should always be on the left ring finger.  This is the traditional arrangement and ensures anyone who's curious will be able to know at a glance that you're married. 

However, the rules aren't so strict when it comes to the wedding band.  Some people find it more comfortable, or more fashionable, to wear their wedding band on the right-hand ring finger.  That's fine too.  Some are even moving their wedding band to other fingers as well.  Your wedding band can be worn on almost any finger, as long as it fits well.

4. One or the other

Not everyone wants to wear both their engagement ring and wedding band at the same time.  This might be because one is more valuable than the other, and they want to keep it safe.  Or perhaps they have smaller fingers, and two rings at once is too heavy or constrictive.  In these cases, they might choose to only wear one ring or the other.

However, if this is your preference, we do recommend making sure to use your left ring finger.  Again, that ensures everyone who sees the ring knows that you're taken.

Should You Always Wear Your Wedding Ring or Engagement Band?

A traditionalist would say that you should always be wearing at least one or the other, on the left-hand ring finger, to signify the eternal nature of your marriage.  However, fundamentally, a ring is a symbol, and that symbol shouldn't necessarily get in the way of your life.

In practice, there are a lot of reasons that someone might stop wearing their wedding rings, even if their marriage is completely healthy.  The biggest one is if their fingers change size.  Our bodies change shape as we age, and a ring that fits perfectly at 25 may not fit at all ten years later.

Also, some people may consider their wedding or engagement ring to be too valuable to risk losing it or having it stolen.  In this case, we might suggest hanging it on a chain necklace instead.  That keeps it visible while being harder to lose.

One recommendation, however: if you are thinking about no longer wearing your rings on a daily basis, be sure to tell your partner beforehand.  Otherwise, they might get worried!

Moissanite Outlet Has a Wide Selection Of Moissanite Band Rings

We're here to spread the word about beautiful, affordable Moissanite - the best alternative to diamond.  Don't overspend on conflict diamonds for your wedding; click here to browse our full selection of Moissanite rings, including Moissanite wedding bands in white gold.


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