Delight Your Loved One on Valentine's Day with Amazing Moissanite Jewelry

Delight Your Loved One on Valentine's Day with Amazing Moissanite Jewelry

Valentine's Day is coming, and nothing says "I love you" quite like an amazing piece of jewelry.  It's a staple of Valentine's Day for a reason.  No matter their gender, no one ever says 'no' to jewelry - especially if it's jewelry they can wear guilt-free.

That's a problem these days, of course.  We're all aware of how unethical the gemstone industry can be, and how many stones are tainted by the ways that they're made.  No one wants to think that their happiness comes from someone else's suffering - and that's what makes moissanite jewelry such a great choice as a Valentine's Day gift!  

If you're looking for an amazing type of gemstone that's 100% ethical, while also turning heads whenever you or your loved one wears it, read on!

Why Moissanite Jewelry Is Perfect As A Guilt-Free Gift 

Moissanite is the trade name of silicon carbide, a naturally occurring stone first discovered in the early 19th Century.  However, today's moissanite is created in laboratories, rather than being harvested.  No one was exploited to create the moissanite you wear.   

Moissanite is typically clear and pure, like a diamond - and in many ways, it's better than diamond!  Moissanite has an even higher refractive index than diamond (2.691), which means that it's extra sparkly in the light.  In addition, it also has a great fire dispersion index (0.104), which adds a rainbow sheen to its light refraction as well. 

Basically, moissanite glitters like diamonds wish they could.

On top of that, moissanite is also extremely hard.  It's not quite as hard as diamond, but it's the second-hardest gemstone commonly used in fashion.  So, it can be worn daily without any fear of the stone being damaged.  Moissanite jewelry is anytime jewelry.

Plus, moissanite is less expensive than diamond and other popular stones as well.

All this adds up to moissanite being a great, affordable, globally aware gemstone that anyone would love to receive - and without worrying about where it came from.

Great Suggestions For Moissanite Gifts

Moissanite can be used in any setting where other gemstones might be used, so you've got endless options in finding the perfect piece of Moissanite jewelry for your loved one.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1 - Moissanite rings


Rings have been one of the most traditional symbols of eternal love around the world, for thousands of years.  A ring is endless, and a circle is unbroken.  Few shapes capture the idea of endless love quite like a ring.

You can, of course, get a moissanite ring that mimics the look of a diamond ring - but there are other options too.  For example, this stunning heart-shaped moissanite ring combines moissanite with lab-created sapphire in a claw setting to create an amazing showcase of craftsmanship.   It's gorgeous and entirely cruelty-free.

Or if you're looking for something a bit different - or perhaps a ring for the man in your life - there are plenty of options in stylish fashion jewelry.  For example, this highly unique moissanite statement ring would stand out on anyone's finger!

2 - Moissanite necklaces 

When you want to show your love, few things do it better than a necklace that they'd be proud to wear any time - like a heart-shaped Moissanite pendant!  With the equivalent of more than two carats in stones, it looks like it cost a small fortune, but no one would know it's moissanite.  

Or for something a bit more subtle, that could pair with numerous outfits, consider a moissanite drop pendant.  Set in 14k white gold, it's distinctive without drawing too much attention to itself.  

3 - Moissanite earrings


A new set of moissanite earrings might be your loved one's next favorite statement piece.  These stunning halo-drop moissanite earrings show off just how many moissanite gems can be packed into a small space and would instantly catch the eye of anyone passing by.  They could be the perfect complement to her best outfit.

Or for a less-flashy option that you could wear at any time, look to moissanite studs.  These marvelous square-cut moissanite stud earrings would be amazing on absolutely anyone - a complement to a great look, or a subtle hint of flash within an otherwise conservative outfit.  They also show how there are moissanite options to fit anyone, on any budget.

4 - Moissanite bracelets

Bracelets are coming back in a big way - and stacking them is a great way to create amazing custom looks.  If you gave this stunning 16-carat moissanite line bracelet to someone, you know their jaw would drop.  Glittering even more than diamond, it would be the star of any party or gathering.

Of course, there are so many options when it comes to bracelets.  We also adore this moissanite floral cuff bracelet.  It's a real statement piece, and affordable as well.  A single gleaming moissanite gem surrounded by expertly crafted sterling silver could set off the right outfit in truly memorable fashion.

Or for something a little more understated, this floral bangle moissanite bracelet would go well with a variety of outfits, in almost any setting.  There's truly a moissanite piece for everyone.

Moissanite Outlet Brings You The Best In Moissanite Jewelry

Our mission is simple: to spread the word about how amazing moissanite is, by presenting the very best in curated moissanite jewelry from around the world.  Whether you're looking for a great valentine's day gift, engagement/wedding bands, or just a gift that tells someone how much you love them, moissanite is the perfect choice for any occasion.

Need help deciding where to start?  Click here to browse and shop some of our favorites and our collections now!

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