Four Great Moissanite Jewelry Gift Ideas for The Holidays

Four Great Moissanite Jewelry Gift Ideas for The Holidays

Are you looking for an amazing piece of jewelry to give as a gift, but you don't want to spend as much as you would on diamonds?  Look to Moissanite jewelry! Moissanite is a lab created stone very similar to diamond, and it's almost as hard as diamond too - making it a great choice for everyday wear. Better yet, Moissanite has a better refractive index than diamond, so it'll give off extra sparkle.

In terms of price versus quality, it's hard to go wrong with Moissanite jewelry. The only question is what pieces to buy. Moissanite stones come in all sizes, shapes, and cuts, and can be put into any setting.

These are some of our favorite Moissanite gift ideas to cheer up your loves ones or just to treat yourself:

1.    Stackable Rings

stackable moissanite ring

Stackable rings have been growing in popularity for years, and for good reason. It's easy to craft a personal look or signature piece by combining a few rings at once. Stacking rings is a great way to create highly individual and unique looks, plus several smaller or more inexpensive rings can be combined for great effect. 

Use them to 'frame' your wedding ring or engagement ring! You can keep the ring in place while still enhancing the look.

No matter how you choose to stack your rings, Moissanite gives you plenty of options. Carat weights range from .25 or lower, up to two or more. One good technique is to mix larger and smaller stones for a layered effect, with the largest in the center for visibility.

2.    Studs

moissanite stud earrings

Studs are among the most versatile of gem settings. Studs can complement any look, and any style. Smaller stud earrings can add just a bit of sparkle to your face and hair, while larger stones will really stand out and draw attention.

If you want a traditional look, go for a classic prong-set solitaire stud. Want to be more modern? Bezel-set Moissanite gems are an excellent choice. If you want to be especially fancy, or show off larger gems, look for hoops or halos that will stand out.

No matter your choice, we have every size and cut you or a loved one might desire. Don't forget to consider the metal of the setting as well. Sterling silver, white gold, or yellow gold are all excellent options.

3.    Necklaces

moissanite necklace

When you want to show off a single Moissanite stone - or a full row of gems - there are few better options than a necklace. You also have the most options in terms of sizes and cuts. Solitaire, teardrop, hearts, drop pendants, and more. There's a Moissanite necklace to fit anyone.

You can also choose between numerous designs, from traditional ones such as crosses, to elaborate starburst pendants. Your Moissanite center stone can be flanked by any number of smaller stones or stand-alone to show off its beauty and flawless beauty.

Necklaces are stackable as well! Layering two or three necklaces is fashion-forward, and a great way to show off your ability to coordinate necklaces of different designs - such as combining a choker with a lower-hanging teardrop. This is the perfect way to create a truly signature look while dazzling the world with the sparkle of Moissanite.

4. Mix and match

Because Moissanite is so affordable, you can put together a full collection that works seamlessly, no matter how you combine them. A range of Moissanite rings, necklaces, and earrings will surround you with a dazzling sparkle that will draw every eye in your direction.

When you're working with Moissanite jewelry, it's easy to put together distinctive looks - or impress your loved one with a full suite of pieces to choose from.

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